Louis J Nidorf
My art begins with a digital photograph and ends with a large, highly saturated image. Photography is a means of capturing images which I can interpret digitally, using the vast array of filters provided by Adobe and other creative digital programs.

Figuratively, the original digital file is my "canvas" and the filters are my "paints."

My goal is to interpret the captured image (in a sense, to deconstruct it) so as to provide deeper associative meaning to the original or to some part of it. Thus, it is the end product, the final digital print (created by sometimes hundreds of transformations) that is my aesthetic presentation.

Although creating digital images is my current art form, I made sculpture through 1984, working in wood, steel, and various mixed media. Before moving to San Diego, I was part of the Garden Gallery in Raleigh, North Carolina.

After moving, I became a member of the Triad Gallery and the Spectrum Gallery in San Diego. I was also a member of Allied Craftsmen, showing in their annual museum exhibits. In addition to group exhibits, I had many one and two man shows with favorable newspaper reviews and many sales.

In the 1980s, I began the study of photography. Over the past fifteen years, my work has matured sufficiently so as to exhibit in a variety of excellent venues.
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